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QR code business to the top

DREAMFly Message QR Code.

DREAMFly Message QR Code.


Camden Smith

DREAMFly Marketing


A Quick Response Code could help businesses grow in popularity with younger consumers.

It may sound like a foreign language, but most of us have seen business cards and promotional products with odd looking sci-fi codes on them, usually in the shape of a square. These are QR codes, also known as Quick Response Codes, and although they have not become overwhelmingly popular with local businesses, national companies are using them successfully.

Disney, Macy’s, Sears, Estee Lauder and movie production houses, to name a few, are the businesses lining their stores with QR codes for consumers to scan and learn about products in a matter of seconds. QR Codes can be scanned by mobile devices and are “short coded” or linked to information designated by the QR code creator.

For example, some business cards with QR Codes link you to the company’s website, whereas others will link you to a sales pitch video or deliver the person’s contact information directly to your phone to save you time. The options are virtually limitless.

Naples Print Source has used QR codes to create more interactive direct mail campaigns for its clients, linking a mailer QR code to a personalized website for the recipient to sign up for information or receive a free sample of the product promoted.

The idea that

Clever cupcakes.

Clever cupcakes.

direct mail or print media is dead is absurd, because with technologies like QR codes linking new and old media, a new market is waiting to be saturated with consumer information. The trick is bringing QR codes on board with your existing marketing.

A great example of a creative use of QR codes was by a bride who printed QR codes linked to her bridal registry on her bridal shower cupcakes. While she was not acting as a business looking to sell products, she certainly scored by reminding her guests about what was important to her. Every business should do the same.

In my firm’s blog, for example, we often place a QR code linking readers to coupons, exclusive tips or our contact information as a means to connect organically with our blog readers.

Find a way to use QR codes and make sure you have one on your business cards, because whether you want to or not it is time to face the fact the world is mobile so we had better follow. For more information on QR codes visit

Camden Smith, owner of DREAMFly Marketing LLC, has more than eight years expertise in branding and marketing strategy and 13 years in public relations. Smith is an award-winning PR strategist and lives in Naples with her husband. Visit Smith at

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