Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Q&A with Simba



This column is the opinion of a 3 year old African Grey Parrot named “Simba” who has an extremely high intelligence level. While he does not possess a degree from any college or university, he does have a strong opinion of himself and feels that he is the best candidate to answer the complex questions of today’s discerning pets…and the humans they own…

A Message From Marco Islands’ Most Lovable Parrot:

Hello to my faithful readers and fans. By now you were probably wondering what happened to me? Fear not, I’m still here. I was enjoying a few weeks in the Caribbean with my human while surfing, downing a few tropical cranberry juices and taking a break. So many of you have emailed me and I’m in the process of sorting through my fan mail. Please be patient as my Administrative Assistant gets through this huge amount of emails. It’s flattering to know that you all missed me. So without any further adieu…let’s get back to answering some questions…

Dear Simba,

Recently I encountered a strange sight. I saw a rooster on Marco Island in the Heritage Square shopping center on North Collier Boulevard across from the Town Center. My question is…What in the world is a rooster doing on Marco Island?? We have no farms, we have no chickens, and this rooster seems to be friends with a bunch of crows. The Osprey that nests in the tall pine tree there doesn’t ever bother him and the rooster walks around the parking lot like he owns the place. Just wondering, since you are a bird, if you knew anything about this fellow who seems to be somewhat of an attraction there.

Signed, Wandering Rooster Watcher

Dear Watcher,

Yuppers!!…Everyone knows “Henry”! He’s almost as famous as me! Henry showed up about a year ago. I had lunch with him the other day at one of the restaurants in Heritage Square. He’s a bit on the “cocky” side and yes…if you ask him, he owns the parking lot. The crows he’s become friends with actually respect him. Because of his brightly colored plumage, they treat him as the alpha bird. Therefore he gets first dibs on anything in the parking lot. The Osprey question has me stumped as all I can think of is that “Henry” is quite large from visiting the 3 restaurants on a daily basis and he may be a bit too much for an Osprey to handle. Birds have a “pecking order” in the wild as they do in captivity. It looks like “Henry” is at the top of that pecking order and to watch him strut his stuff in the parking lot says it all. I can’t honestly answer the question of where he came from but I will find out…you’ve now sparked an interest for me. Thank you “Watcher”…you’ve asked questions I now want to find the answers to.

Fondly, Simba

Simba is owned by Christina Giordano. If you have any questions you would like Simba to answer, please email them to:  Ask



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