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Put Your Best Foot Forward


Dr. Christina Kabbash Submitted Photo

Dr. Christina Kabbash Submitted Photo

We have heard the story so often that I wonder why it still surprises any of us. You know, the story about person X or person Y who chose Southwest Florida as a getaway location only to realize they never wanted to leave the getaway.

Orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Christina Kabbash and her husband built a house in Naples four years ago. However, with their five children scattered all over the country, her now-retired husband wanted to start his own business in Naples and convinced his wife to make their parttime home their full-time home.

As Dr. Kabbash is Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery and Fellowship Trained in Orthopedic Foot and Ankle trauma and reconstruction, her primary concern was finding a professional home that enabled her to expand and enhance her existing career path. Dr. Kabbash has also taught foot and ankle specialists around the world—within the continental United States as well as in Australia, Switzerland and Dubai.



Luckily, for Physicians Regional patients, Dr. Kabbash’s new medical home is the Pine Ridge campus of Physicians Regional Healthcare System. Her services include treatment for hammer toe and bunion reconstruction, sprains or fractures of every foot and ankle joint, tendon ruptures and injuries including Achilles tendon, and foot and ankle post-traumatic arthritis, including total ankle replacements.

“I find foot and ankle surgery fascinating,” says Dr. Kabbash. “When performing any procedure that alters the complex physiology of the foot—and its myriad bones and joints—the surgeon has to make sure that the foot remains balanced for it to be functional and pain-free. There’s a lot of thought involved.”

And the difference between a podiatrist and an orthopedist specializing in foot and ankle? Though Dr. Kabbash prefers to focus initial care on non-surgical treatments, patients who begin treatment with a podiatrist are likely to be referred to Dr. Kabbash should surgical intervention be required.

“My goal is to keep patients active in doing what they want to do,” says Dr. Kabbash. “I’m a very good listener. I’m very good at explaining what is going on and why they need to do something. When people understand the background and the details, they are going to be more comfortable and compliant.”

An elite athlete, Dr. Kabbash trains an average of 12 and 14 hours per week. It’s not unusual for her to bike 35 miles with a 6-mile cool down in the morning before work. In 2016, she qualified for the nationals in the Olympic distance category—an event that includes a .9-mile swim, a 26-mile bike ride and a 6.2-mile run. Dr. Kabbash also has her eye on the Ironman, an athletic event considered by many to be the most difficult one-day sporting event in the world.

Do you need to be an athlete to see Dr. Kabbash? No. However, if you wish to be treated with the same care and compassion as an amateur or professional athlete, Dr. Kabbash is an ideal fit. “I love age-group athletes—people who continue to compete in various events within their age categories,” says Dr. Kabbash. “And Naples is loaded with people who love to be active!”

Dr. Kabbash, a pickleball enthusiast, will also serve as an on-site physician at the U.S. Open Pickleball Championships from April 21–29 right here in Naples. For those who may be less familiar with the sport, “The rules are similar to ping pong or tennis; however, there is very little overhead activity, so anyone with shoulder issues can play.”

And when it comes to ongoing foot and ankle care, what does the patient public need to know? “When you get older, your feet change. I wish people would understand their feet get longer and wider and wear well-cushioned shoes to accommodate these changes,” explains Dr. Kabbash. “And pain is your body’s way of saying: ‘get off me, I need to heal.’ I wish that, when people’s feet hurt, they would get off them and rest them.”

Sometimes, getting off your feet is the best way to make sure you can stay on your feet.

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