Monday, October 25, 2021

Puppy Shower



By Monte Lazarus

His name is Bailey. He just arrived on Marco Island, and is already an instant celebrity. He’s a handsome chap, as you’ll see when you meet him. Although Bailey is a bit small – he weighs about two pounds – he’s trim and fit. By now it should be clear. Yep, Bailey is a Maltipoo; a fairly new breed of dog.

Now for the piece de resistance: As far as anyone knows, Bailey is the first dog on Marco Island to be honored with a “Puppy Shower”. This is the absolute, unvarnished truth – a “Puppy Shower”! Our research hasn’t taken us back as far as the Calusas, but there is no written record of a previous “Puppy Shower” in the City of Marco Island, the prior period when Marco Island was an unincorporated part of Collier County, or even before Collier County existed. In fact, there is apparently no knowledge of a “Puppy Shower” anywhere or anytime on the entire planet.

The shower was held at an unnamed Island location … unnamed in order to avoid the wrath of those who did not receive formal invitations. There were gifts galore. What do you get for a puppy that has everything? One wag (pun intended) actually brought a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream. This was entirely appropriate since Bailey is the color of…well… Bailey’s Irish Cream. It’s not clear what Bailey thought of that gift, but the owners bubbled over. Bailey now has about six doggie beds, rolls of doggie toilet paper (this is true), at least three small dog carriers, assorted squeaky toys, snacks, sweaters, one bottle of booze and everything but a doggie computer.

While Bailey frolicked with his assorted admirers the big people gorged on food and drink provided by their gracious hosts. Bailey couldn’t have cared less. He was busy trying to play with a very attractive four legged female who spurned his every advance. Undeterred, Bailey raced after her with all the power of his mighty body, while turning on all his considerable charm. No use. Suki had no interest.

I had a quiet side conversation with Bailey. I described the Marco Island Dog Park, an elegant addition to Mackle Park. Bailey’s ears shot up. The thought of socializing with some of Marco’s most desirable pooches seemed to appeal a whole lot.

It was a great event – a shower like no other as far as I know. We left as Bailey was beginning his afternoon nap dreaming of whatever it is adorable puppies dream.

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