Monday, January 24, 2022

Pulling the Trigger


Many great golfers have one, and anyone that wants to be good at this game needs one: a swing trigger.

Feeling comfortable over the golf ball can be difficult for many golfers, this leads to lack of confidence and hesitation when attempting to strike the ball. A swing trigger is a subtle movement that occurs after all pre-swing thoughts have taken place and you are ready to hit the golf ball. I have a swing trigger that consists of slightly lifting my right thumb off the club. Once my thumb returns back to the grip, I am ready for takeoff.

Developing your own swing trigger may take some time and practice, but rest assured, there are no right or wrong triggers. Take some time and play around with some triggers until something feels good and becomes natural to you. The whole idea of the swing trigger is to help you develop more confidence and consistency before you begin your swing, hopefully leading to better swings and scores.

Evan is a first year Assistant PGA Professional at The Island Country Club on Marco Island. Evan is a graduate of the Florida Gulf Coast University Professional Golf Management Program in Fort Myers, Florida.

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