Saturday, October 16, 2021

Publix Eagles Busy with “Nestorations” by Big Publix

I just wanted to share the great progress a new pair of eagles has made on rebuilding the nest by the Publix on S. Barfield. Last December it was approved by city council for Publix to do a major demolition and reconstruction process. Last nesting season (October – May) there weren’t any residents. This season we have a beautiful new pair that has been doing a lot of “nestorations” since the beginning of October this year.

The photos will show how hard the eagles have been working on rebuilding the nest. The pictures were taken between October 1, 2019 and our rainy Friday on November 15, 2019. I have observed them bringing sticks to the nest, flying to the nest with a fish, rearranging the sticks and just chilling out.

Although there is a permit in place, I wanted to bring it to your attention that this nest (ID CO991) is currently occupied. I am sincerely hoping no further construction near the nest will be resumed until nesting season is over. I’m hoping you can make sure this information will get to those who needs to see it.

I know how much we love our eagles here in Marco. We have them on our Welcome to Marco Island signs, an eagle fountain at Veterans Park located off Bald Eagle Drive and the beautiful twin eagles statue at Sarazen Park, just to name a few. I can’t imagine how it could possibly be good PR for an eagle nest to be disturbed. Talons crossed our new pair there will have a successful and undisturbed season ahead.

Rosemary Tolliver
Marco Island

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