Thursday, October 28, 2021

PRHS is Listening




C. Scott Campbell

At Physicians Regional Healthcare System, we are serious about Getting2Great for the people we serve. Getting2Great (G2G) refers to a very important company-wide cultural transformation effort to fulfill our mission of providing the best possible local health care.

A critical component of G2G is taking the time to listen to our patients about issues important to them—and, most importantly, acting on the feedback so generously provided.

At present, we “listen” in a variety of ways: patient satisfaction surveys, patient rounding, and patient interviews.

The patient survey process is coordinated through Press Ganey, the industry’s recognized leader in health care performance improvement. We employ five distinct surveys to gather feedback from a random sample of patients who have used our Emergency Department, Outpatient Services, Ambulatory Surgery, Inpatient Services, and/or our Medical Group.

Achieved through regular hourly nurse visits, patient rounding is a proactive care approach that improves patient safety and provides the nurse an opportunity to build rapport and listen to the patient.

To take the overall concept of listening one step further, we recently launched a quarterly patient focus group process. A method of gathering information from a group of patients and family members, the focus group approach addresses patient perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards their healthcare experience with our hospital.

Completed on August 16th, our first focus group enabled recent patients to gather together and candidly share their experiences. Guided by a facilitator, this structured approach was used to identify both our strengths and weaknesses in patient satisfaction.

Several questions were asked to encourage open discussion:

Think about your worst and best patient experience ever—what events caused these experiences to be your worst and/or best?

What do we need to do before you arrive, when you arrive, during your visit, when you leave, and after you leave to create an excellent patient experience?

What do we need to do to be rated as “excellent” for listening carefully to you, treating you with courtesy and respect, and explaining things in a way you understand?

“The participation, insight, and perspectives were amazing.” says Brad Pollins, System Director of Performance Improvement. “We were able to gather insights that are invaluable about practices we need to continue, stop, and improve. This information will be used to make improvements in services, features, and products across the entire continuum of care and at every touch-point with the patient and family member.”

A common theme has already emerged: that we treat our patients with warmth, empathy, and compassion. As one patient expressed, “When we are sick or injured, we are at our most vulnerable emotionally because we are frightened, uncertain, stressed, and in an unfamiliar environment. In moments like this, treat us like a family member.”

At Physician Regional-Collier Boulevard, we have an unwavering commitment to improve the patient experience and our plan is to continue this valuable focus group process. Your voice truly counts in the care we provide and we want to hear from you.


C. Scott Campbell is CEO, Physicians Regional Healthcare System-Collier Boulevard. You may reach him by contacting

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