Thursday, October 28, 2021




By Donna Fiala

You’ve probably read or heard about the catastrophic weather being experienced around the country and around the world, from earthquakes to tsunamis, from droughts to floods, and tornados of historic proportion and numbers. Well, here comes the hurricane season on the heels of all that weather, and the Atlantic Ocean is heating up quickly, which of course is where the hurricanes originate in most cases. So, dear friends, it is time for my annual advisory to prepare in advance.

Right now I am beginning to clean, bleach, rinse thoroughly, and then rinse again with alcohol, my nine 5-gallon plastic water jugs. I fill them and cap them and set them aside. If they go unused, I pour them in my pool during dry season. Also, I buy 6 gallons of drinking water to have on hand just in case. If they go unused I make coffee with them in the spring. While at the grocery store buying water, I buy fresh batteries, tuna fish, canned salmon, macaroni & cheese in the box, etc., so I have a supply of imperishable food on hand, then locate all my candles and flashlights, plus my battery operated radio, to make sure I know where everything is. While I’m at it, I have my son fire up my generator to make sure it works well, then fill my gas cans with fuel for the generator and also for the car, just in case gasoline is needed and not able to be purchased. As summer approaches, the hurricane shutters slowly get closed, a little at a time – which also saves a lot on the air conditioning bill.

The County Emergency Management Department has been gearing up and preparing, just in case, which is a common practice every year at this time. With a La Nina year ahead of us (the last few years it has been El Ni?o), it is wise to prepare in advance anyway. In the Fall, you can give the food away to the homeless shelter or to a family you know who might be able to use it, and you can fill your car with the gasoline you didn’t use. You can always use the batteries in the coming year. Don’t forget to pick up your annual Hurricane Guide the Emergency Center distributes around the county. It is always a good reference as you prepare, and if needed, to refer to.

Did I forget anything? What else do you do? Please send me your comments so I can pass them along to others.


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