Thursday, October 28, 2021

Pour your ART out with Deb Reed

Members of the Sunshine Sisters of Marco Island gathered at Deb Reed’s studio and were ready to “Paint the Beach” in an abstract way.

After a few moments of hesitation, Allyson, Lorraine, Marian, Betty, Sandy, Helen, Denise and Karen got started. Deb Reed made is so easy for everybody.

She had the studio all ready, with a long working table with acrylic paints all mixed in the right consistency. The ladies had to select their color scheme. Once colors were selected, they started pouring the acrylic mixture slowly on the canvas.

Pouring acrylic is very fluid. If you pour too much, it might be too runny; too little, it looks dried out. Once poured they started to tilt and guide the movement of the paint to create an abstract masterpiece. You can also use a blower to move the paint quicker or a straw or your finger. The tutorial was a success! The canvas will take a day to dry.

Deb Reed was the perfect coach. Thanks, Deb for allowing dormant creative juices to flow ever so fluidly onto the canvas.

Deb repeatedly said that she is not an artist but her the artwork displayed in her studio were anything but amateur art.

Deb Reed seated, with (from left) Betty Barter, Helen McCullough, Karen DuMontier, Sandy Cirutti, Marian Phillips, Lorraine Corva, Allyson Richards and Denise Rose. |Photos by Maria Lamb

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