Friday, October 15, 2021

Post ISAAC wind, flooding and tidal issues / Damage Assessment



The City of Marco Island is monitoring the post ISAAC wind, flooding and tidal issues. We have observed some sea walls being topped and are aware that a very small number of residences or businesses have suffered damage because of water intrusion or flooding.

The most significantly roadway flooding is on SR92A (Goodland Dr.). Marco Island Fire Rescue has made entry and does have access into Goodland. The City will be posting signage warning of high water and the flooded roadway, moreover it asks that individuals do not risk harm to themselves or their property by driving through high water.

As of 10:00 am City Staff has completed a post storm city-wide neighborhood damage assessment and a Marco Island Utility (MIU) facilities damage assessment. These assessments were conducted by 16 2-person teams from multiple departments, and covered all City streets, Goodland, and all MIU Facilities, both on and off the island.

No damage was found at any of MIU’s lift stations, wells, raw water pumping stations or water or waste water treatment plants.
Minor flooding (standing water on streets) was found in about two dozen locations around the island, including Collier Blvd. Unique conditions such as an inoperative pedestrian signal, trees down in Veterans Park, and one downed stop sign were noted. Minor tree branch debris was cleared from multiple streets.

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