Saturday, October 23, 2021

Political Action Committee Formed

A relatively robust debate was held in June as to whether to allow medical marijuana dispensaries on Marco Island.  That debate would see five of the seven councilors vote in favor of the measure and dismiss an attempt by Chairman Erik Brechnitz and Councilor Howard Reed to amend the resolution to block any consideration of recreational marijuana outlets in the future.

Collier County has continued to block any efforts to allow those dispensaries within their jurisdiction.

Since then a group of concerned citizens have formed a political action committee to have their voices heard during a time period where more residents are here and are not traveling during the summer months.

“We don’t seek to overturn the medical marijuana dispensary vote, but instead will concentrate on efforts to ban the sale of ‘recreational’ product on the island,” said former City Councilman Bob Brown, one of the committee members.  “After all, many of these same councilors during the last two elections complained about council doing important business when the people were away during the off-season.  I guess that was just campaign rhetoric,” continued Brown.

A number of residents have voiced their anxieties over the possibility of “recreational” product being sold here and are concerned about the impact to the island.

The group will look to petition the council to consider just such an ordinance.  A failure to do so would trigger a petition to bring the issue to a binding referendum vote.

The committee currently consists of eight members: Virginia Bingle, James Lang, Russ Columbo, Regina Dayton, Joseph Rola, Edgar Issler, Amadeo Petricca and Bob Brown.

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