Thursday, October 21, 2021

Policeman of the Year



The Policeman of the Year was awarded at a Police Foundation luncheon held at the Marco Island Hilton. First order of business was to honor the memory of member Tom Owens by presenting an award to his wife, Donna, in recognition of all they had done for the organization. Police Foundation President Bill Morris mentioned Tom’s book was befitting his life entitled “An Extraordinary Man in Extraordinary Times”. Donna was proud to accept the award saying “Tom was always a brave man and he was brave to the end.”

The distinguished Officer of the Year award was presented to Detective Ed Stenzel. Ed was an officer in Milwaukee prior to joining the department March 2006. During 2010, Detective Stenzel was involved in the investigation and arrest of suspects in a variety of cases including a sexual battery case, ID theft case, grand theft case, burglaries, armed robbery, looting and more. It was a busy year for the Detective. He thanked the Police Department, the Foundation, and the City of Marco Island.

Main speaker for the event was Trey Radel, familiar to some in the area as the former news anchor on WINK-TV and more recently as conservative host of the ‘Daybreak’ radio talk show.


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