Friday, December 3, 2021

Police/Fire Youth Academy – A Glimpse into the Real World

A chance to crew the police/fire boat.

A chance to crew the police/fire boat.

By Steve Gimmestad

Oh, to be a youth once again. At least during the week of June 8-12 when Marco Island’s finest held their annual Police/Fire Youth Academy. An exceptional week where local kids got a chance to learn what firefighters and police officers do on a daily basis.

The event is in coordination with Camp Mackle. Fifteen students are selected on a first-come basis and it fills up quickly. This year there was a waiting list which attests to the popularity of the event.

“They get to experience what we are trained to do on a daily basis,” says Chris Bowden. “We

Firehouse discussion.

Firehouse discussion.

run it from 9:00-2:00 and their days are packed with activities that revolve around the life of being a police officer or firefighter.”

Chris is the Public Education Coordinator for the Fire Department. A new position initiated this year. Chris was the perfect candidate for the position having grown up on Marco and being so involved with the community. He has been with the Academy for the five years.

The Academy starts out with an orientation and tour of the stations. Physical training is an every day activity. Classes include fire extinguisher training, dive and rescue techniques, tower climbs, gear orientation, and much more.

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