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Police/Fire Academy Shapes Next Generation



By Maddy Dumas

A6-CBN-06-24-16-4Editor’s Note:

Each summer, the City of Marco Islands’ Fire Rescue and Police Departments hold a week-long camp for 6th-8th graders.  It’s one the most popular camps offered through the City of Marco Island.  Students have hands-on experiences in law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical response, marine patrol and more.  

Many who went through the Police and Fire Academy as children go on to study and work in related fields. The camp has had such an impact on the youth that some campers even return to volunteer



and help teach others. One such former camper, Madeline Dumas, shared her story with Coastal Breeze News:

About 2 years ago, I participated in a summer safety camp here on Marco Island. It was really just something to do while I was staying with my grandparents; however, it directed me to the path I’m on now at my high school.  My name is Maddy Dumas, and I’m going to be a junior in the Criminal Justice Academy at Pinellas Park High School. The CJA program is designed specifically for students interested in law-related fields of study. This

Fire Department Photos by Chris Bowden

Fire Department Photos by Chris Bowden

year, I’m volunteering at the camp which is helping me achieve several of the 100 hours I need for graduation.

There were 14 kids in this year’s Marco Island Police and Fire rescue camp. They participated in many activities this week which kept the youngsters busy! As the main priority was safety, most of the activities involved learning how to handle a dangerous situation or object (fire hose safety, firearm safety, first aid, etc.). There were also activities in boat safety and physical training.

The kids had so much fun in this year’s camp! Piper, 12, said her

Police Department Photos by Hauterer

Police Department Photos by Hauterer

favorite activity was scenarios because they showed us that anything can happen and nothing is routine. While, Noah, 12, stated he loved the simunitions, because it helped with his understanding on how the police train, along with being able to shoot paint rounds out if a .9mm pistol.

I would like to give a big thanks to all the Firefighters and Police officers that helped firefighter Bowden and Officer Haueter this week with all the activities the kids did.

This has been such a great opportunity and experience for me and I hope to volunteer more here, as Marco Island really is a second home for me.


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