Friday, October 15, 2021

Planning Board Continues Work on LDC

The Marco Island Planning Board is continuing to meet to go over changes to the Land Development Code (LDC), as they seek to address glitches within that code and updates that are necessary to bring the legislation into compliance with today’s standards. They meet on the third Friday each month in a “workshop” style environment and the public is welcomed to attend and give input.

“The greatest challenge we face is in getting the community’s involvement within the process,” said Planning Board Chairman Eric Brechnitz. “Their input and engagement with the process is vitally important to having a document that is in line with the desires of the community,” said Brechnitz.

Interested parties can visit the city’s website at to see what topics will be discussed during the individual workshop sessions and to attend those meetings that touch on subjects of interest to them.

At their workshop last Friday they undertook the issues concerning construction site maintenance, temporary use permits and other items to best insure “quality of life” matters are addressed to insure the impacts on neighborhoods are minimal, while allowing for necessary construction projects.

Another issue which was discussed dealt with the process that involves the permitting of new dockage facilities around the island. Most of the discussions did not revolve around setback requirements, but around the design of new dockage and how it impacts adjoining properties. In some cases existing dockage is adversely impacted by new docks that may meet setback requirements, but restrict the older facilities on either side.

Calvin, Giordano & Associates was hired by the city to work on assembling a list of items that needed to be addressed in the present documents that make up the city’s Land Development Code and they have presented to both the Planning Board and the City Council a list of items that needed work. Council approved that first set of “deliverables” and has subsequently sent that list back to the Planning Board for their review and report.

The entire report as provided by the consultant may be found at the city’s website, along with the proposed changes and updates.

The next workshop session to deal with the LDC will be held on the 19th of May at 9 AM in City Council Chambers located at 51 Bald Eagle Drive, Marco Island.

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