Sunday, October 17, 2021


By Pierre Guesnon


Adjective: (Latin: perspicere, to see through) clear in a statement or

expression; easily understood.


Adjective: intended as instructional.

Noun: a book, speech, essay, etc., that is protreptic


Adjective: southern, southerly; Austral: Australian.


Adjective: of a form of marriage between a royal or noble person on a person of inferior rank, with the provision that neither the spouse of inferior rank nor the children of the marriage may lay claim to the rank or property of the other spouse.


Noun: actor or actress (a somewhat humorous or pretentious term).

Adjective: having to do with (theater) drama; dramatic.

Pierre Guesnon is a retired engineer who founded and ran an engineering company in Boston for many years, until he retired fifteen years ago. Since then, he has lived most of each year on Marco Island. He is married to an Australian, Margaret Guesnon, whom he met in London and married in Sydney. They have two daughters. Pierre has had a lifelong interest in words and language.



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