Thursday, December 9, 2021

Picture This

The issue at hand was the well-known national emergency being caused by the highly contagious Coronavirus. It took our crack City Council two regular Council meetings, plus two more Special-Called meetings of long-winded speeches to decide to keep Marco beaches partially open. It then took a public outcry, our professional City Manager, and another conference for this City Council to reverse itself and decide to keep the beaches closed. Elapsed time: OVER THREE WEEKS. 

Now, dear reader, contemplate this: Suppose one day many congregations of large alligators are reported basking and swimming around Marco Island beaches. How long should it take for this City Council to debate the problem before deciding to protect the public? And, if their collective wisdom closed the beaches, but they were now debating as to how and when to re-open them, would you, or your children, be able to offer them a clue?

Astonishingly, some of these councilors really expect you to re-elect them in November.

-Russ Colombo

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