Friday, October 15, 2021

Phoenix Roofing Presents the Celebration for a Cure

Photo by Maureen Chodaba | Jeremy Obrecht and Jameson Hewitt.

Like a bottle of the finest champagne, the Banyan Ballroom of the JW Marriott Marco Island will pop with good cheer and a message of hope Friday evening, March 6th, as Phoenix Roofing presents the Celebration for a Cure, the 2020 American Cancer Society Imagination Ball. Chaired by Debra Shanahan for the eighth consecutive year, this gala fundraiser will feature fine food, music, both live and silent auctions and the presentation of the prestigious Grado Award to Marco Island’s very own Curt and Jacquie Koon of CJ’s on the Bay. 

Presenting sponsor for the second consecutive year, Phoenix Roofing & Construction, Inc. is no stranger to the horror of cancer. Like so many, this family-owned business has been impacted by this dreadful disease. 

“Cancer is a terrible disease that affects far too many people,” says Phoenix partner Jameson Hewitt. “Unfortunately, we are feeling those effects right now within our family and company. We are just glad we can do something to help.” Jameson’s aunt is battling a rare form of blood cancer. A cousin sadly lost the battle to stomach cancer, but another cousin is a survivor who is now cancer-free. Several employees of Phoenix Roofing have battled cancer, and several have lost family members to the disease. 

With years of roofing experience across Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida, Phoenix partners Rick Hewitt, Jameson Hewitt and Jeremy Obrecht are dedicated to the communities where they live and work. They first became aware of the ACS Imagination Ball upon completion of the roof on the home of Debra Shanahan right after Hurricane Irma. Their business is roofing, but they know in their hearts that a home is far more than just a structure with walls and a roof. For Phoenix Roofing, a home is an extension of families and friends, a collection of memories and precious moments, and a celebration of life. The best way to celebrate life is a Celebration for a Cure!

Photo by Maureen Chodaba | Phoenix Roofing is dedicated to our community!

The Imagination Ball concludes each year with the goal of our mission. We raise our bidding paddles in our Finish the Fight round, the final showdown. One hundred percent of the funds raised in this round are donated to cancer research. Here is a look at the research programs currently funded by the American Cancer Society.

  • Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry of Cancer: Investigating the role of genes and their alterations (mutations, deletions and amplifications) in the disease process.
  • Cancer Biology and Metastasis: Research to learn more about the behavior of cancer cells so these cells can be effectively controlled and ultimately eliminated. 
  • Translational Cancer Research: Investigating the role of infectious diseases in cancer, the development and identification of biomarkers, and the discovery and synthesis of new cancer drugs and therapies. 
  • Clinical Cancer Research, Nutrition and Immunology: Focusing on immunotherapy and inflammatory responses with a deeper investigation of innate and adaptive immune responses. 
  • Cancer Control and Prevention Research.
  • Health Professional Training in Cancer Control.

To learn more about these amazing research programs, please visit The details are fascinating, the progress is astonishing, and the results are bringing us hope each day. We see the fruits of our efforts in the countless and ever-growing numbers of cancer survivors! We celebrate miracles as survivors and their loved ones are celebrating more birthdays, more holidays, and many more precious moments in life! 

Imagine a world without cancer! That is our ultimate goal. The American Cancer Society will not give up the fight until a cure is found. 

Please join us March 6 as Phoenix Roofing presents a Celebration for a Cure. For tickets, opportunities to volunteer and more information, please contact your American Cancer Society at 239-642-6217 or

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