Thursday, January 27, 2022

Peter Pan

The cast and crew of Peter Pan. Submitted

The cast and crew of Peter Pan. Submitted

A review by Rosie Poling

The Peter Pan Play turned out great! It was directed by the famous Gina Sisbarro and choreographed by Brianna Blassneck. As Wendy, I loved every minute and it seemed like the audience did too!

The audience took flight with Peter Pan (played by Jacob Hartman), John (played by Jacob Hurtley), little Michael (played by Jonathon Hurtley), Tinker Bell (played by Ellie Poling), and Wendy (played by me), as we flew across the stage in the song “We can fly.” The pirates? Oh, the pirates were fantastic as they sang “A pirates life for me!”

Mr. Smee, played by Josiah Hurtley, was hilarious. Joey Byrne played Captain Hook and frightened many young ones in the audience, including my three- year

Rosie Poling

Rosie Poling

old sister. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock! The funny crocodile (Jonathon Kirstein) was a favorite. The audience actually started petting him as he attempted to climb the stairs! The Indian war dance was super with Jessica Lang, as Tiger Lily, and Travis Vosburg, as the chief. The lost boys were funny (and dirty). They did an excellent job.

Do you want to be a star too? Contact the Upon A Star Foundation for more details at Peter Pan was one of the highlights of my summer.

Rosie Poling is 11 years old. She will be a 6th grader at Marco Island Charter Middle School this August. Besides acting, she enjoys running, playing soccer and writing. She is a member of the Optimist Junior Journalist Club.

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