Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Pet Supply Drive



Collier County Public Library is pleased to be partnering with Collier County Domestic Animal Services by hosting a pet supply drive through Saturday, June 25. All 10 county libraries are participating. For your convenience, a poster and drop box are located near each library entrance.

We will gladly accept any of the following items:

Kitty Litter

Leashes (please no retractable)

Martingale Style Collars (all sizes)

Towels (new or gently used)

Newspapers (no ads)

Kuranda Cat or Dog Beds (

Paper Towels

Unscented Bleach

Cat Toys (please no toys with feathers)

Dog Toys (Frisbee, basketball, etc.)

Kiddie Pools (hard plastic pool)

We regret that we cannot accept the following items:

Clothing – does not have a practical application in the shelter environment.

Stuffed Toys – presents a sanitation challenge and choking hazard.

Bulky Cushions & Pillows – cannot be sufficiently sanitized for the shelter environment.

For more information visit us at or stop by any collier library location.


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