Wednesday, December 1, 2021

PEE WEE’s blast past First Baptist in final game

Coach Eddie Webb with his team captains sporting pink gear in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Coach Eddie Webb with his team captains sporting pink gear in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

The youngest Eagles football team won this past Saturday by scoring a victory over First Baptist. While each team member was important, several made this their game of the season. When the Eagles were already up by 12 points at half time, coaches reminded the team that they still had another half to play and they needed to stay focused to keep the lead.

Cooper Nettles was added to the defense this week and it was a move that proved a game changer, Cooper intercepted 2 passes with one being returned for a pick 6 and got several tackles. QB he ran the ball several times gaining yardage as well as having an over 50% completion rate in passing and scoring 3 touchdowns. Stewart Endres, who enjoyed his last game at home as a young Eagle, continued his on field presence this week with several big tackles to stop the Silver First Baptist team as well



as continuing his yardage gaining when he ran the ball. On one run it took four FB players to bring him down after gaining yards.

“Big D” Dominic Moller again this week played like a champ as the team’s center with almost another perfect game on a wet field condition snapping the ball to start each play. Dominic moves up to the JR team next year. Josh Jordan and Jacob Wagner both ran the ball this week and continued to help the Eagles move down the field. Jacob had one run that he was sandwiched on and both hits were really hard hits. He got up and said he wanted the ball again. Ryan Wallace again this week turned on the speed every time he was given the ball, breaking tackles and running up his total yards for the year. Jimmy Gates and Charles Hamilton closed



out the home games this year with both of them stepping up on defense and stopping the FB run and passing game with tackles.

Cody Webb in his last Pee Wee home game had 5 receptions with one leading to a 20 yard run for a touchdown along with several tackles on defense, and a pass interception and a 30 yard return before being brought down. Justin Webb, also playing his last Pee Wee home game, had several carries including one for almost 25 yards and he continued to play strong and get tackles on defense. Oscar Rodriguez, Bobby Leithayser, Rodrigo Martinez, John Edwards, Joey Golec, Peyton Phillips, Grant Gordan, Mason Haire, Jay Cartwright and “Little D” Dominic Martin all played great games either on offence or defense and should be congratulated as they did the hidden work to give us the win this week. Eagles 24 – First Baptist 0.

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