Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Pedestrian Beach Access Point

The Marco Island City Council approved opening one pedestrian beach access point beginning April 13, 2020 from dawn to dusk. This access point, located at Maple Ave and Collier Blvd will be for entry only. There will be one egress point located at Winterberry Drive and Collier Blvd for exit only. The City will have signs located at each of these pedestrian access points. There will be no beach parking lots open and no parking on residential streets. Social distancing guidelines will still be enforced, and the Marco Island Police Department will continue to monitor the beaches to ensure people are not congregating in groups. The purpose of allowing access is for residents who can walk to the beach to have the ability to do so. If visitors are considering coming to Marco Island, they should be aware there is no parking provided for visitors who may wish to access the beach. 

This is a highly stressful time for all, and being outside, exercising, and enjoying the beach is an outlet that can help many of our residents cope. That is the only motivation for allowing pedestrian access at this time. Public health is of the utmost importance and that priority will continue to inform our decision making as we go forward. Continued availability of access will be entirely dependent on adherence by beach-goers of all appropriate social distancing guidelines.

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