Sunday, January 23, 2022

Peace on Earth



Laurie Kasperbauer

Twas the night, before

the day we had anticipated.

The day of dreams fulfilled

and joy long awaited.

Hope, hung like stockings

on the mantel of our minds.

Hope for unity, community;

hope that together we might find


All dwellers of earth,

both the man and the beast;

The deep sea and its life forms;

the forest creatures and trees.

Hope, that together we will learn

to live our lives in balance,

We each give of ourselves.

We each rise to the challenge.


On this night before the day

we profess earthly calm,

We understand that the stories

we each call our own,

Whether it’s Santa, or Buddha,

or uncertainty, or Christ

We can accept, without judgment,

the uniqueness of life.


For the earth we inhabit,

and the air that we breathe,

The stars that we gaze at,

and the mortality we seize,

These are all universal.

Together we share

The warmth of the sun,

and the life-sustaining air.


So tonight, as we settle

for our long winter nap

With sugar-plum visions,

a new path we might map.

To wake without compulsion

to comment or change

The behavior of another;

someone else’s life to rearrange.


But instead to contribute,

using our own unique gifts

To the greater good of our earth,

and the life it uplifts.

Twas the night before

The Day we had anticipated.

The day when “Peace on Earth”

was universally created.


With warmest wishes for a peaceful Holiday Season…

  • Laurie Kasperbauer

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