Monday, December 6, 2021

Parks and Recreation Surveying Public Interest in Summer Camp Program

Photos by Scott H. Shook | Samantha Malloy, the City’s manager of parks, culture, and recreation.

Samantha Malloy, the City’s manager of parks, culture, and recreation.

The City of Marco Island’s Parks and Recreation staff is surveying the local community in an effort to gauge interest in summer camp programs for 2020. 

Samantha Malloy, the City’s manager of parks, culture, and recreation, is the contact person for feedback from the community. The veteran leader said community feedback will help city officials in their planning efforts.  

“We’re still in the discussion process,” Malloy stated. “What’s the interest? That will tell us a lot. If there’s not a lot of people interested or aren’t comfortable sending their kids to camp, that gives us our answer right there. If there is a lot of interest, then we need to have the discussion. If we’re seeing a need and a desire for it, we are going to follow the Governor’s Order and the CDC.” 

Malloy has presented city officials with a plan. “This is a proposal that myself and my team submitted and said, ‘If we were going to have camp, this is what we would do.’ We’re going to have a lot of safety precautions, lots of handwashing, taking temperatures.”  

The proposal is to offer the camp to Marco residents and children of those who work on Marco Island. Parents are being asked whether they would be interested in a full summer program or just specific weeks. 

Malloy and her staff are busy getting things done at the city’s recreation center in case Camp Mackle or Camp Stellar becomes a reality for 2020.  

“We need to be prepared,” Malloy noted. “I’m looking for the cleaning supplies we will need. We’re making our own Gaga game. It was so expensive to buy that we decided to make our own.” 

Gaga is a fastpaced, high energy sport that is played in an octagonal pit. It is the hottest thing going with kids today. It’s like a kinder, gentler version of dodge ball. 

“I like it better than dodgeball,” Malloy said, “because dodgeball can become a little overly aggressive. The kids love Gaga—it’s their favorite game. The kids have so much energy and they want to do something.” 

Malloy said she does not expect a decision to be made before Governor Ron DeSantis announces Phase Two of the state’s reopening. 

If you are interested in sending your child to Camp Mackle or Camp Stellar, please send the following information to Samantha Malloy at  

  • Name and Age of Camper 
  • Parent Name 
  • Camper Home Address or Parent Employer Address 
  • Parent Email and Phone Number 
  • Also indicate whether you are interested in the full summer or specific weeks

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