Saturday, October 16, 2021


The Board of County Commissioners at its meeting on June 26, 2012, approved a provision to the Parks and Recreation License and Fee Policy that allows overnight parking at the Collier Boulevard Boat Ramp and Port of the Islands Boat Ramp. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board recommended the provision, will be more conducive to fishing early in the morning, as well as on-site camping for residents and visitors.

Commissioner Jim Coletta, a fishing enthusiast whose district includes Port of the Islands, strongly supported the provision to the policy, saying, “Parking overnight gives anglers the opportunity for a start before sunrise, and camping is convenient. This just makes sense.”

Commissioner Donna Fiala, whose district includes the Collier Boulevard Boat Ramp, agreed, saying “The Collier Boat Ramp is always at capacity and I think overnight parking is a splendid idea for the community, accommodating those who want to make the most of county boat launch facilities and perhaps boat to an island and camp, or go fishing at sunrise. It’s so nice to maximize the potential of this facility.”

Also a recreational boater, Commissioner Tom Henning is equally supportive of the provision to the policy.

There is a $10-a-night overnight parking permit required for both the Collier Boulevard Boat Ramp and the Port of the Islands Boat Ramp. The overnight parking permit can be purchased at North Collier Regional Park Exhibit Hall, 15000 Livingston Road. For additional information on the new overnight parking permit, please call 239-252-4000. The overnight boat launch fee is expected to generate $5,000 annually.

Overnight parking at the two boat launch locations will be used as a pilot program for future overnight parking at other boat launch locations operated by the Parks and Recreation Department.

For more information, call (239) 252-4000 or visit

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