Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Outside Investigation Clears Marco PD

For the detailed report by Franklin Investigations click here. 

On June 3, 2020 a protest rally took place on Marco Island, during which an altercation ensued that resulted in the arrest of Ms. Taliya Denham who was subsequently charged with robbery or attempted robbery (sudden snatching) and battery. A complaint was subsequently filed by Mr. Howard Denham concerning the arrest of Ms. Denham, who is his adult daughter. The complaint alleged improper use of force during the arrest and contested the felony charge filed against Ms. Denham. In response to this complaint, Marco Island City Manager Mike McNees commissioned an outside investigation using an independent investigator, Franklin Investigations, Inc. to conduct a thorough review of the events. On August 3, 2020, the City received the results of this investigation.  


During the course of the investigation Mr. Denham made a sworn statement indicating he no longer took issue with his daughter’s arrest, and he made no claim of injury suffered by his daughter in the course of her arrest. The conclusion from the investigative report notes, “There is clearly no evidence of any excessive use of force in the arrest of Ms. Denham.” The report further concluded that “The charge of robbery is a felony as dictated by Florida statute. As to the legitimacy of the charge, the State Attorney’s Office has formally filed the robbery charge and the case is pending. As to the question of Ms. Denham’s intent or whether or not charging her with robbery was somehow “discriminatory”, these are likely questions for a judge or jury.”  


“On June 3, 2020 when approximately fifty protesters marched to City Hall, the Marco Island Police Department was prepared, respectful, and professional to everyone involved. We are proud of the way our police officers, with assistance from Collier County Sheriff’s Office, conducted themselves throughout the course of events. This investigation and its final report confirm that Chief Frazzano and her staff took all appropriate measures to keep the public and the protestors safe during this event,” said City Manager Mike McNees.  

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