Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Our Yard is a Wildlife Habitat



By Joan and Carl Kelly

We have always loved plants and gardening. Never thought highly of grass, though. So, gradually, as we worked our yard, adding flowering and fruit bearing plants, our grass yard got smaller and the favored plants took over.

With that change in vegetation also came a change in animal residents. We know of two black racers and a red rat snake who live in our yard. A red bellied woodpecker family resided here last year, and a cardinal visits us regularly for water. Palm warblers sing from the branches of our lemon tree. There are also uncountable brown anole lizards and one green anole of which we are certain.

So, this year we decided to register our yard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. We already had the wildlife and were providing the water, the natural food sources and the shelter from weather and predators.

Then, recently at Naples Zoo Panther Days, National Wildlife Federation made it easy for us by putting an information table complete with volunteers to explain the program and five page application forms. So, we applied.

This week we got our certificate saying we were wildlife habitat number 186,482. That feels good, affirming.

If you think your yard might be a wildlife habitat and you’d like to explore the possibility of having it certified by the National Wildlife Federation, go on line to wildlife and register there. It is that easy. Of course, your yard has to be… a little wild.

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