Thursday, October 28, 2021

Open Letter to Mr. Roger Hernstadt



Dear Mr. Hernstadt:

I am very sorry to hear of your resignation as Marco Island’s City Manager.

It is regrettable that some of our councilors failed to set aside emotions and find a civil, constructive, businesslike manner in which to work with you on their issues of concern. It was the hope of many citizens that these issues would be resolved by councilors working with you using civil communication and with a “Let’s roll up our shirt sleeves and constructively work together” attitude. We are truly saddened that did not happen.

I wish to sincerely thank you for:

  • Always having an open door policy for all citizens and councilors.
  • Embracing Marco Island by participating in 99% of our community and fundraising events. You have cooked countless hot dogs, burgers and pancakes to benefit others.
  • Generously donating your personal money for many good causes on Marco Island.
  • Saving us taxpayers a ton of money by instituting the Bucket Plan to fund current city building assets, replace vehicles, road resurfacing and drainage projects, and $3.5 million for replacement of the dilapidated Mackle Park Community Center.
  • Negotiating the police and fire pensions saving taxpayers millions over the life of current and future contracts.
  • Hiring the State Lobbyist who obtained $2.5 million plus for Marco Island, and hopefully, will obtain another $1.5 million in applications currently under review.
  • Last but not least, I thank you for bringing into our lives, your wife Jessica, a lovely lady who also wholeheartedly embraced our community.

You will be missed. I wish both of you good health, good luck, and much happiness. As we say in our church, “Peace be with you.”

Linda Turner
Marco Island

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