Saturday, November 27, 2021

Open for Business



By Melinda Gray

As the temperatures slowly start to cool and the daily amount of rainfall begins to dwindle, things are heating up on our small, seasonal island of Goodland. Heavier traffic and longer lines at the grocery store mark the return of our migrating snowbirds, flying south to escape their now frigid northern homes.

By now, it’s common knowledge that I’m a huge fan of our live entertainment here. The musical acts that pass through, as well as our own local talent, are first-class. Last week, each Goodland establishment celebrated the opening of season with live music, and the schedule for next week and the months to follow promise the same.

And so begins our yearly seasonal “boom,” which we rely on to carry us through the off-season “bust.” All four of Goodland’s restaurants — The Little Bar, Old Marco Lodge, Stan’s Idle Hour and Marker 8.5 — are now open for business, and we are all hoping for a great winter.



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