Saturday, January 22, 2022

On the Road to Recovery

When Marco Island resident and newspaper carrier recently stopped his rounds, neighbors took notice.

Seventy-one-year old Edward Olson, who has worked in our area for more than 20 years, had to stop working while recovering from cancer treatment and surgery.

Originally from the Tri-state area, Olson was a carpenter for most of his life. He moved his wife and two daughters to Southwest Florida after discovering Marco Island in 1992. He opened up a cabinet business, Dimensional Design Cabinetry, which stood on the corner of San Marco and South Barfield Road. Olson picked up a side job delivering newspapers, which over time developed into a full-time position.

Olson was contracted in Naples and delivered national publications such as the New York Times, the Wallstreet Journal, USA Today, and local community papers. He delivered throughout Collier County and reached the south end of the island.

“When you make deliveries every week for over 20 years, you really get to know people [in the community],” Olson commented. “You make so many close friendships, it’s quite an experience.”

Last September, Olson discovered a mass in his neck, which was found to be cancerous.

“My job ended the same day I was diagnosed with cancer,” Olson stated. “I’d like to stay around for years and get back to my friends again.”

Olson was treated at Naples Community Hospital and transferred post-surgery to Landmark Hospital, before being discharged. The surgery and a tracheotomy incision made to reach the tumor left him in a weakened state. As he recovers, he awaits a visit to the oncologist to determine the stage of his prognosis and the next course of action with rehabilitation.

Daughters Carin and Christine are caring for him, driving him to appointments, and facilitating communication from concerned neighbors on Edward’s behalf.

Letters and kind words of encouragement are appreciated by the Olson family. “We want to thank you for your notes,” daughter Christine stated. “All the phone calls, letters, and well wishes are keeping him in good spirits and I really believe attitude is half the battle.”

With medical bills and future treatment in mind, an account at Wells Fargo has been set up for Edward Olson. To make a donation visit Wells Fargo at 1090 N. Collier Blvd. or any local branch.

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