Monday, October 18, 2021

On Memorial Day We Talk The Talk. Now We Must Walk The Walk



A Guest Commentary by Joe Batte

By now we have all had the opportunity to pay our respects to all our fallen military heroes this past Memorial Day. As Veterans, this is a sacred bond amongst us. As Americans, it’s the price we pay for our freedom. Most of us will rarely meet the wounded or widows of our armed forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, but if we do we most likely feel we should be doing something other than just saying thank you. So let me share an idea that will demonstrate our deep appreciation for our fallen veterans. Here is a way you can “Walk the Walk.”

There is an outstanding non-profit foundation, rated as one of America’s best Charities, where 98.7% of the donated funds go to provide education scholarships to every child of a U.S. Marine or



federal law enforcement officer killed on active duty. The foundation also assists those wounded with medical and other costs not covered by government or the VA.

Tens of millions of dollars have been raised from Americans across our country to show our appreciation for service to our nation.

Every penny donated to the foundation (formed in 1995) is accounted for by a dedicated and unpaid board of directors with only one part time employee.

The foundation is the United States Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. All donations are tax deductible, and can be made online visiting

Now you have another idea on how you can “walk the walk.” Please always remember that military veterans are those who are willing to write a check, payable to the U.S. Government, for any amount up to and including their lives.

Joe Batte, 240 Marquesas CT., Marco Island, FL 34145


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