Saturday, November 27, 2021

Old Florida friendly Marker 8




Joanie Fuller

Are you the friendly type? Do you like to meet old timers and hear stories? If so, you definitely need to go to Marker 8 Restaurant and sit at their Friendly Table like I did the other morning.

Of course, you feel at home the minute you enter the place. It is like going to someone’s home. How could it not be with its rustic Old Florida ambiance, a machine blowing bubbles over the docks and Dave Serber and Jimmy Ketchum running the place?

But the Friendly Table is the best part. Here you sit with new folks, old timers, both old and young and you can discuss the issues of the day over a 6AM coffee if you want. And yes, you can eat a delicious breakfast, too. Marker 8 is the only waterfront restaurant in Goodland which serves breakfast.

Speaking of that I can never make up my mind whether I want the Over the Bridge or the Under the



Bridge breakfast. One of them – I can never remember which one-includes pancakes and I know I shouldn’t eat those, so I always get the other one.

Well, let me tell you about the other morning. I sat with John the Greek and Bud Kornse, both accomplished guys who patronize Marker 8 every single morning. They reminisced about their lives and careers with my husband and me. Bud served in three wars with the Navy and is so proud of his service – as we all are. John really is Greek and he served by working for the CIA and FBI. But now they are mellowing out in Goodland and have been for years. So if you want to hear stories and have a few laughs while you eat breakfast, I suggest you sit at the Friendly Table with them and their other friends and savor every bite and moment.

Dave and Jimmy

Jimmy Ketcham cooking pulled pork.

Jimmy Ketcham cooking pulled pork.

go back for years, and had always wanted to own and operate a restaurant. Marker 8 has been open for a few years now and is very popular with boaters, walkers, bikers and those who just show up. Breakfast is my favorite way to go there, but lunch and dinner are excellent, too.

One way to sample Jimmy’s pulled pork dinner is at the Goodland Birthday Party on March 10 at our Goodland Boat Park. Jimmy will be there cookin’ away and believe me, it will be delicious.

So we thank Jimmy and Dave for making their dream come true with Marker 8. It’s all about a rustic atmosphere with a great water view and fun people. Folks are coming from all over to meet, greet and eat. But when you go, don’t forget about the Friendly Table. It’s the big round table inside.

Joanie Fuller is the President of the Goodland Civic Association. She and her husband of 47 years, David Fuller, are residents of Goodland. 

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