Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Oh, The Bingo Fun We Had on the Isles of Capri!

Ruminations From the Rock and Beyond


After over a YEAR of no Bingo or meetings or card playing or Mahjong inside the Community Center, the Isles of Capri Board of Directors decided to take the plunge and offer Bingo again for the sheer fun of getting together. Safely of course. 

“It’s been a long, dry spell for fun so we decided to offer Bingo and see what happens,” said Joyce Beatty, the President of the Capri Board, “and, as you can see by the turn-out, our residents were ‘up’ for activity and entertainment. And, also, to win some money and gift cards!” 

They came by bikes, cars, and golf carts with their lucky ink daubers in hand, paid for the lucky cards (fingers crossed) and settled into their lucky seats. Dave Beatty assured each of us that we had the winning cards and we believed him, hook, line, and sinker. 

After greeting neighbors and friends, it was time to let the games begin. The Bingo balls began circulating in the wind tunnel and heads bowed to the color-coded Bingo cards. Joyce, also the caller, explained each specific game before we started, including the I row for Isles of Capri, small box, outside box and others. The tension mounted as the first numbers were called over the silence in the room. The only sounds were the wheezing of the wind tunnel and daubers flying over the card to cover the numbers.



Colleen Moore had to split the big finale with another winner but was still $138 ahead.

“BINGO,” someone shouted, and the others groaned with disappointment. Remarks like, “Heck, I only had two numbers to go,” “Yeah, well I had only one number to go, dang it” all good-natured. There were no poor sports or complaints, it was just so much fun to be out again. Not to mention the money won. I think it was the second game that I won $12, and you would have thought it was $1,200. I had never won at Bingo before! Actually, two of us won so we had to split the money, it could have been $24. I was still thrilled. 

Our generous local restaurants, Capri Fish House, Osteria Capri, Pelican Bend and The Island Gypsy donated gift cards to the various hot spots on Capri ranging from $25 to $50. The cards were in envelopes so when they were opened, the cheers rang out for their favorite places to dine.

There were sub sandwiches, chips, drinks, and dessert for the very generous price of zero dollars! After the crumbs were swept from the tables and the cards reinstated, someone said, “Let the Games Begin!” and they did, knowing that the pots of money would get increasingly larger, so the intensity of the game ramped up. 

I have included some photos of the winners for your enjoyment and perhaps it will encourage you to come out next time. You can be sure the winners will be back for more as our precautions, vaccinations, and safety increase. 

Check out the Announcement Sign in front of the Community Center for upcoming events and other signage near the road, check the Coconuttele for news, and if you aren’t on the mailing list, you should be; there’s lots of important and timely information on there. Give your email address to anyone on the mailing list and they can tell Ann Hall to add your name. Be “in the know” with up-to-date events and info and special notices that are very helpful. 

Special thanks to the officers and board members for their hard work planning, setting up, organizing food, cleaning up and being the fun-loving group that they are on our behalf.



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