Sunday, January 16, 2022

Officers Recognized For Peaceably Defusing Situation

Marco Island Police Department (MIPD) officers were recognized by city council for preventing a suicidal subject from causing harm to himself or others.

On August 22, at approximately 11:30 PM, the subject was threatening to harm himself, and potentially others, as MIPD officers attempted to defuse the situation under the Jolly Bridge. As the officers tried, to no avail, to persuade the subject to peaceably surrender, Officer Hunter Howell repositioned himself behind the subject and placed him in a “bear hug.” The other officers helped subdue the subject. The subject was remanded to the David Lawrence Center for evaluation.

The Marco Island City Council recognized all of the officers at their recent meeting and provided them with a proclamation commending their service to the community.

Sergeant Kyle Kreis, Hunter Howell, Lorenzo Smith, Jason Nachtrab and Allen Reyes were all recognized for their valor in defusing the situation.

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