Friday, December 3, 2021

October Is the Last Month for Sea Turtle Season

Sea Turtle Weekly Update

Photos by Maria Lamb | October is the last month for Sea Turtle Season with 70+ nests already hatched.

Turtle Safelight Guide—highly recommended for ALL beach facing properties. Looking through this filter at the surrounding lighting. Lighting that is NOT Sea Turtle Friendly will appear blue, green, or purple. Available at: and recommended for use by FWC.

Thanks to Kelly Long of the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation for sending its support of the proposed updates to Marco’s Sea Turtle Lighting Protection Ordinance: “We are thrilled to see Marco Island place a strong emphasis on sea turtle protection as it included many of the same elements outline in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) model ordinance.”  

Further, Long stated that In addition to sea turtles, the proposed change will benefit many species of wildlife including shorebirds as natural darkness and the presence of stars or moonlight can play a major role in their lifecycles.” 

Long also praised the presence of an educational component and a continuous outreach has been helpful to them in Sanibel-Captiva in their efforts to control interior lighting issues. She also suggested that signage indicating 25’ perimeter should probably go on each nest to increase awareness and protection. 

She is in support of prohibiting the use of flashlights and also suggested the use of approved red filters. In addition to lights in parking garages and pool lights, they tend to create a glow and suggested that Marco address these in the proposed ordinance. 

Sanibel-Captiva shares similar lighting requirements with Marco Islandand they are very concerned with an increase in sea turtle disorientations due to inland sky glow. 

Colette McBreen, Manager for the Gulfview Condominiums of Marco, also sent in their comments gathered from their condo management team and caring residents. They have used the Encapsulite Turtle Safelight Guidelight filtersand this is giving them confidence in properly assessing nighttime lighting from their property. They recommend the use of the light filters to ALL beach facing properties. 


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