Monday, October 25, 2021

Obsession with details…

US Navy SEALS training. Submitted

US Navy SEALS training. Submitted

By Tarik Ayasun

We as Americans in general are obsessed with “details.” Sometimes this obsession may be educational as it increases our knowledge of many different things around us; sometimes it may be entertaining as we get to read about all the minute details of the lives of our favorite Hollywood stars and sometimes it may even be interesting to find out about how things work. There is one occasion when our obsession with details is neither necessary nor useful. That is when it comes to details of military operations. Last week, I wrote about the operation to find, terminate and dispose of Bin Laden, without question the number one criminal, terrorist and serial killer of our lifetimes. He was an evil man, a cold blooded killer and mastermind of various terror operations where Christians, Muslims and Jews along with non-believers were killed or maimed. It was important to find him and render him useless. I am sure our Navy Seals thought about every alternative, opportunity, result or consequence before they conducted the magnificent operation on May 2, 2011.

Since then, as expected hundreds and thousands of questions have been raised and statements issued by many different groups; politicians, attorneys, bloggers and ordinary Americans. I read and listened to these questions and statements intently and as the questions and statements kept piling on, my anger proportionally increased.

Question: How many Navy Seals participated in the operation? How many helicopters were involved? Why do so many politicians and attorneys think it is so important to know the answer to these questions? How about if I told you that one hundred Seals participated in the operation packed into 8 helicopters? Would it make a difference to the attorney or the politician? Would it change the success of the operation? What if I said there were only four helicopters with only four Navy Seals in the operation? Why would this matter to anyone?

I have also read articles written by the well known attorney Alan Dershowitz (who is now an advisor to the defense team of Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks.) He was very upset that Bin Laden was not captured, brought back to the USA and tried in a court of law. He was upset that we might have used overwhelming force and questioned whether Bin Laden had a weapon in his hand or if he had his hands up before he saw the 5.56 mm shot from the Seal’s M4 whizzing through the air and hitting him between the eyes! I wonder how many of his nearly 3000 victims had weapons in their hands. Or how many of them had a chance to raise their hands just before airliners full of highly flammable aviation fluid showed up at the higher floors of the World Trade Centers? His victims were sitting behind their desks, in front of their highly lethal weapons (computers) or making their morning coffee in the kitchens of their offices?

Prof. Dershowitz wanted to catch Bin Laden alive and bring him before a court of Law in the USA. I think the Professor has been living in an Ivory Tower for too long, his vision is totally blurred. The minute; or rather the second the enemy found out that Bin Laden was alive in US custody; there would have been hundreds, if not thousands of innocent American tourists, businessmen, teachers or Embassy workers taken hostage all around the Middle East with major terror organizations demanding Bin Laden’s release. How would you deal with that Professor Dershowitz? Negotiate with the terrorists? Drop bombs and kill more people? Conduct hundreds of Seal operations to save our hostages?

In summary, I would like ask my fellow curious Americans; read People Magazine for minute details of your favorite artist’s miserable daily life; watch any one of the plethora of useless TV Shows giving you minute by minute details of the lives of your favorite singers but please, please leave details of military operations alone; let the professionals deal with them. The more we disclose to our enemies; the more brave Americans will die in the future. As for me, Bin Laden is dead and gone; that is the only thing that matters. How it was achieved: where it was done; how many brave Americans were involved, whether they got there on donkeys, camels or stealth helicopters; whether Bin Laden had a gun in his hand; if he had his arms up or his fingers up his nose or whether he was watching his latest purchase of pornography before or after his morning prayers is completely irrelevant to me.

We should just let our military take care of their business over there; and as Americans be proud of what they do for us. Likes of Professor Alan Dershowitz should continue to live in their Ivory Towers in Mamby Pamby Land which they have created. As for me; I am with the guys who flew in helicopters over enemy territory in the darkness of the night, found their target, terminated and disposed of him. My only regret is that I was not a member of Seal Team 6 who got the job done.

Joy to the world!

Currently a member of Marco Island’s Code Enforcement Board, Tarik Ayasun has given many years of community service to various organizations.


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