Friday, January 21, 2022

Now Taking Facility Tour Requests




Donna Fiala

You probably know that I offer about 5 or 6 tours a year for those interested in seeing different county facilities such as the Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants, the Land Fill, Museums, Mosquito Control, a Parks tour, the Emergency Operations Center and the Jail. We also offer facilities that are partially sponsored with TDC dollars, such as the Botanical Gardens and the Zoo. If we are able, we try for other attractions such as the “REVS” and Ava Maria, and tours of new developments. It is so gratifying to see so many people from all across Collier County who are interested in where their tax dollars are spent, how the county works, and what it has to offer. Just recently our tour took us to the top of the Land Fill hill. Our bus was filled with residents from Marco Island, Isles of Capri, Fiddler’s Creek, East Naples, North Naples, Lely Resort, Golden Gate and more. When people stepped off the bus they expected to be greeted by a stench, but were pleasantly surprised by almost odorless air. The birds were there to greet us in great abundance, as were the Eagles. While there we saw the Gas to Energy facility where the methane gas genersdc en sd c r sd rds sn shr new facility, built and paid for by Waste Management, that processes the gas to become electric energy. The sound had to be tedc a tfd cnnr+ n nhf nd door open so we could see inside. We saw the Recycling Center and learned where they send the collection of material. This week we will see the private car museum owned by Miles Collier. He recently opened it to the public for certain days and times, but you must make an appointment. In most cases, these cars are very rare, some one of a kind, or one of only two. We had so many reservations we had to create a waitlist of about 35. As some reservations had to be cancelled for health reasons, we’ve been able to open

Taking a look into the massive storage tank, students also got a bird’s eye view of Marco Island.

Taking a look into the massive storage tank, students also got a bird’s eye view of Marco Island.

a few spaces. I will try to arrange for another tour of this facility next year if they will allow. My assistant, Mike, and I are beginning to arrange our tours for next year. If there are any tours you would wish to see next tour season, please contact our office at 252-860, and we’ll see if we can arrange one. The tour of Ava Maria will end this year’s tours. *This is a big month for the Marco Island Museum and Historical Society! The Smithsonian has created an exhibit named: “The Way We Worked”, which comes directly out of the National Archives. It walks us through about 150 years of changes in the American workplace and especially focuses on our area! It’s a great honor to receive an exhibit from the Smithsonian! It took over two years of hard work and applications to be selected to receive this exhibit! The Florida Humanities Council and the Smithsonian are sponsoring the exhibit. There will be special program presentations for the next 6 weeks; listings of which you can find at

*Last week the plot of land that Culver’s has their sign posted on saw piles of dirt distributed and plastic wrapped poles around the perimeter. Let’s hope yet another fun place has started building! The Panera Bread is coming along quickly. And the Outback and Carrabba’s are always, always busy, lunch and dinner! I never saw anything like it! The same for Burger Fi. It’s a great intersection! The beginning of a hub of activity! We’ll see you at Noon on April 9th at the Board of Realtors building on Marco with a power point presentation about all the development about to take place in the entire area. Mark Strain and I will be the “dog and pony show” to explain what you are seeing. Please join us. *Last week, while driving to Tallahasee, traffic was thick with car carriers and R.V.’s pulling cars as our winter volunteers/residents begin their long trek home. We wish them safe travels, and a terrific summer! We’ll see you again next fall.


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