Saturday, October 16, 2021

Not Publishers Clearinghouse, But Even Better

Photos by Molly Skudnig
Lina Prieto opens her front door in surprise because outside are her Principal, Assistant Principal and Reading Coach! Why? She wonders.

Recently, a “Prize Patrol” of sorts circulated around Marco Island to deliver special news to over 60 Tommie Barfield Elementary (TBE) students. The three-member patrol started early on Monday morning, July 29th and stealthily made their secret rounds to various homes with signs and smiles of pride in the accomplishments of their students.

The yard signs, spectacularly, had a colorful hand opened in a “high five” gesture with the words, “I scored a 5 on the FSA!” They were delivered to the students (with proud parents looking on) by Principal Katie Maya, Assistant Principal Alyssa Ledbetter and Reading Coach Molly Skudnig with their hugs and congratulations to the students for all their efforts to apply themselves to learning. The sign was pushed in the ground in the front yard and after a number of photos were taken with the student, the three administrators stepped aside so parents could celebrate with their children.

Unfortunately, since it was a surprise presentation, some families were out of town. Luckily, the certificates and signs are in the school office ready for pick-up when the students and families are back in town and they can still place them in the front yard if they wish. The certificates show which subject areas were passed with a five, including Math, ELA (Language Arts) and Science for fifth graders.

Mrs. Maya, TBE Principal, was quick to point out, “The teachers, staff, administration, parents and community are so proud of our students and the efforts they made this year. It seems that each year, our students apply themselves even more to the challenges, with the support of their teachers, parents, community and staff. And now that TBE is a ‘Leader in Me’ school, the sky is the limit.” (There will be more information on “The Leader in Me” coming soon.) Have another fun learning year and keep up the great work!


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