Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Rescue Story in Our Backyard

Pet Talk: News & Notes

Tiffany, a groomer that works in my store on Marco, purchased a Standard Poodle puppy named Chucho. After a few months, Tiffany decided that Chucho needed a play buddy. So, she joined a Facebook group called “Standard Poodle Rescue and Rehome.” After looking for a month, she came across a pair of Poodles who had lived together their whole lives and had to be rehomed together. Lola and Domino touched Tiffany’s heart, but there were some issues. They had been neglected and both were over 9 years old. They had both been waiting to rehome a long time, older dogs are harder to rehome. Both Lola and Domino had some medical problems. They were underweight, Lola was incontinent and had open sores, and Domino had a drooping eye and hip problems that made it hard for him to lift his leg to step over things. Tiffany started out looking for a buddy for Chucho, but now she wanted to rescue Lola and Domino. She filled out an application and signed the rehoming contract. The rehoming staff came out to inspect Tiffany’s house and discuss Lola and Domino. If they did not work out, they could only be returned to the Rehoming service. The staff warned Tiffany that it would hard for Lola to adapt, she would try to run away.

The rehoming wasn’t working out. Tiffany took them to the vet and paid some big bills. Chucho was afraid of the new dogs and hid from them. Lola kept trying to break open the gate to run away and rubbed a sore on her nose from pushing the gate. But, after months of working with them, rubbing Lola’s sores with medicine, treating Dominos hip problem, adjusting their diets, and most of all applying love and attention, rehoming started to work. 

Now, Lola’s sores are healed, and her incontinence is gone. Domino no longer has a drooping eye and his hips are much better; he can run up the steps to the house. Chucho, Lola and Domino are best friends and play together every day. Tiffany wanted to celebrate so, on Lola’s 11th birthday she made a special birthday cake that dogs can eat (See the recipe below). Everyone had fun and the dogs enjoyed the cake. It took time and love for Lola and Domino to turn a rehome into their home. 

  • 1 Lb. organic ground beef
  • 1 organic egg
  • 1/2 cup fresh or frozen peas plus more for decorating
  • 1/4 cup quick-cooking oats
  • 1/4 cup shredded cheese
  • 350-degree oven

Combine all ingredients like meatloaf. Divide into three portions. Fill baking pans (I used 3 four-inch spring-form pans. The fat drained out nicely) Bake 40 min or until cooked thoroughly. Dog frosting is made from mashed potatoes thinned out with low sodium chicken bone broth.

What You Need to Know About Xylitol

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning about xylitol, a sugar substitute found in many household items. The sweetener is fine for humans but can cause death in dogs in under an hour. It’s found in items such as breath mints, baked goods, cough syrup, vitamins, mouthwash, toothpaste, dietary supplements, sugar-free gum and even certain kinds of peanut butter.

When a canine consumes xylitol, its bloodstream quickly absorbs the sweetener, which can result in a high amount of insulin released from the pancreas. Too much insulin can cause hypoglycemia, a decrease in blood sugar that can be life-threatening. Dogs can eat xylitol by getting into places they’re not supposed to such as a purse that contains chewing gum. Symptoms of xylitol poisoning include vomiting, weakness, decreased activity, staggering, incoordination, collapse and seizures. A dog that has eaten xylitol should be taken to the vet immediately.

For cats, xylitol does not seem to result in the same harmful effects. However, xylitol can result in deadly hypoglycemia for ferrets.

Items containing xylitol should be kept out of canines’ reach. Use only pet toothpaste rather than human toothpaste for dog teeth brushing.

Answers to last article’s Pet Quiz

  1. Lions _C_ a Murder
  2. Cats _F_ a Pack
  3. Crows _G_ a Shadow
  4. Bees _D_ a Swarm
  5. Geese _H_ a Knot
  6. Dogs _E_ a Gaggle
  7. Jaguars _A_ a Pride
  8. Toads _B_ a Clowder

How much do you know about your pets? Circle the right answer.

  1. Which pet belongs to the Felidae family? Dog Rabbit Cat
  2. What is a baby mouse called? Inky Pinky Slinky
  3. In the wild, rabbits live in what? Burrows Rabbit Hills Warrens
  4. What is the color of all cats’ eyes when born? Blue Green Yellow
  5. What is a group of rabbits called? Herd Clan Mob
  6. Dogs belong to the same family as: Deer Wolves Bears

Send me your stores, I would love to hear them. 

Michael M. Neal is a graduate of Ohio State University with a degree in Education with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Biological Sciences. He is an avid pet owner and nature lover. He is the owner of The Critter Café pet salon that offers grooming, boarding, daycare, obedience training and pet supplies on Marco Island.

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