Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Newest Animals A Little on the Small Side

During a visit to Naples Zoo, you can see the tallest animals in the world that stroll the plains of Africa or the giant reptiles that bask in our Florida sun. The newest arrivals, however, are a little on the small side. And they’re meant to be. They are called miniature zebus. These tiny cattle are as cute as they are small.

The Zoo’s two new miniature zebu were born this past spring. Miniature zebus reach a maximum height of 42” just behind the hump on their back although many are far shorter. For example, the father of the Zoo’s new boy zebu tops out at just 30”.

In popular culture, zebus have been referenced in two animated shows. In The Simpsons, Lisa Simpson tries to teach young Maggie Simpson what a zebu is using flashcards. And in the animated VeggieTales series, zebus made an appearance under a similar name in “The Song of the Cebú”. Come see the new zebus today in the African Oasis exhibit area located in the southern gardens.

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