Monday, December 6, 2021

Newcomers Are Back

Photos by Doreen Herriman, Brenda Papszycki, Kat Sanders
| Beach Babes at Mangos.

In August, the Newcomers Club of Marco Island returned to having their monthly meetings in person. Complying with health official rules and regulations, we are able to meet and discuss some possible activities and events. It was nice to see all the smiling faces and catch up on what everyone has been doing! Ginger Miller surprised the group with official Newcomer face masks she made for each of us. Once the meeting was adjourned, we were all treated to a terrific lunch from The Lakeside Eatery. Overall, it was a great time together and we all look forward to the next meeting!

Some of our A&E groups and our mini-groups are also starting to meet up again. If not in person, they are taking advantage of Zoom to reach out to members. One of our A&E groups, Beach Babes, held a meeting at Mango’s Dockside Bistro. They enjoyed a lunch and chatted with friends.

Mini Group News! 

The Island Chefs is one of our many mini-groups. The members meet monthly to exchange recipes, enjoy good food and gather to ‘talk food.’ They have resumed their meetings, but in a social distance environment. The focus this month was appetizers with a specialty cocktail. The specialty cocktail was Crème Brûlée Martinis! Next month, the group will share successful Thanksgiving side dish ideas.

DID YOU KNOW? Newcomers Club of Marco Island turns 50 on December 1st! The first ‘exploratory’ meeting was held on December 1, 1970, at the Marco Island Inn. This was attended by 21 women who enjoyed danish, coffee and friendly conversation. The club was originally named “Welcome to the Island Club,” and the goal was to be the local welcoming club to new arrivals on the island. On December 10, 1970, a small article was placed in the Marco Island Eagle that described the club and invited newcomers to join. This was the beginning of many long friendships. 

Sound like fun? If you would like to attend a luncheon and join in the fun and meet some fabulous women, contact our membership chairs at, remember to note on the subject line Attention: Membership Chairs. Information on the time and place of the monthly luncheons will be announced once it is safe to resume.

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