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New Year’s Resolutions – Yes or No?

Kasey and Charles Knoebel. Submitted photos

Kasey and Charles Knoebel. Submitted photos

by Joanie Fuller

Honestly, I don’t know what to think. It’s time to make New Year’s resolutions and the folks I have spoken with aren’t really making any. What’s a writer to do?

The other night we Goodlanders had our annual Christmas Civic Association potluck supper and meeting. Everyone enjoyed the evening, but as I queried several people about making resolutions for the New Year, I realized that we hadn’t even had Christmas yet and it was too early for those questions.

But I was determined I was going to write about the subject anyway. In my humble opinion many people think casually about making a resolution, but they don’t take it seriously and they rarely follow through with sticking to it anyway.

In my conversations during our Christmas meeting I did hear a few comments worth repeating. One person said, “Well, I always think about exercising more in January, but then

Greg Bello.

Greg Bello.

it doesn’t last long.” I thought to myself, “Where have I heard that before?” It’s a known fact that gyms fill up the first part of any year and after a few weeks attendance is down again. You guys, exercise is so important. Okay, some of you know I’m a gym rat, but, please, if you decide to exercise more, stick to it! You will live longer and healthier and be around for more years of deciding whether or not to make resolutions. Grrrr.

Another friend told me he wanted to be “invisible” in the New Year. I’m not going to quote him directly as I think he might be a bit overworked. But he’s a good dependable guy and therefore folks count on him for a myriad of things in our community. Stuff happens like that, doesn’t it?

The best resolution idea I had was from one of my

Dave Fuller and Potluck Regulars.

Dave Fuller and Potluck Regulars.

other friends. She said, “I would like to have kinder thoughts this coming year.” I thought that was a good one for all of us to remember. In these times when so many are struggling, we need to show kindness and thoughtfulness to all.

So I came away from our meeting with some thoughts for you, but I have concluded that most people don’t make resolutions because they can’t keep them. Do you agree? If not, then, make a couple of resolutions and try to stick with them for as long as you can.

Here is mine. I hereby resolve not to write about this subject again.

But I do sincerely wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year and I look forward to writing more Goodland stories in 2011.

Joanie Fuller is vice president of the Goodland Civic Association. She and her husband of 46 years, David Fuller, are residents of Goodland.

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