Friday, December 3, 2021

New Year’s goals and tips




Crystal Manjarres

Q. We’re two weeks in! How are your New Year’s Resolutions faring?

A. Now that the holidays are behind us, have you left your bad habits in 2011? Or, are they already threatening to creep back up on you? You are too busy to organize your meals, so you grab something quick on the go. You swore you were going to eat in every night for dinner and now you have guests coming in for the next couple of weeks who want to wine and dine. You promised yourself that you would get in your workout before work, but your son was up all night with the flu. Let’s face it—life happens.

That is why you plan accordingly. For every goal you set for yourself, create a Plan B; Plan A, workout first thing in the morning- Plan B squeeze in a quick (but more intense) lunch-time workout. Plan A, create a list over the weekend, shop, prepare, and cook your meals for the week; Plan B, choose the healthiest choice you can from your work’s lunch menu and even then, portion your meals. Plan A, workout at least six days a week; Plan B, do something active 3-5 days per week. You can always have a back-up plan that will keep you on track for your goals so that whenever a mini-crisis occurs, you won’t fret—you’ll adapt!

Another tip that helps keep you moving closer to your goals is to focus more on making healthier decisions for yourself rather than zeroing in on a number on the scale. If you eat healthy food because you enjoy it and workout because it feels good, then you will be much happier than if you were to plow your way through the gym doing hours of monotonous (and unnecessary cardio). Don’t compare yourself to anyone but you—you don’t know what another person went through to get where he or she is(and we are all designed differently). What works for one may not work for another.

Above all else, cut yourself some slack. Whenever you do have two slices of cheesecake instead of one (or none), don’t fall off the wagon and give yourself an excuse to wallow in self-pity by eating terribly the rest of the day. Get back on that horse and finish strong! You can do this! Herophilus was light-years ahead of his time when he made the connection between health and quality of life: “When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” Let this be your year! If you need any assistance along your health and fitness journey, you know who to call.

Crystal Manjarres is the owner of One-On-One Fitness and Group Fitness Training studio for men and women on Marco Island. She is a certified personal trainer and Stott Pilates certified instructor. She can be reached at, and (239) 333-5771.


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