Thursday, October 28, 2021

New Year’s Eve/Day Restaurant Schedule



Are you looking for someplace to enjoy a nice meal over the New Year holiday? Wondering if your favorite restaurant will be open? We’ve compiled a New Year’s Eve/Day schedule featuring some of the areas favorite restaurants. Please call for reservations and to confirm the operating hours…..Enjoy the season!

Kretch’s Restaurant    239/394-3433

  • New Year’s Eve  Free appetizers, Champagne Toast at Midnight. No cover charge, live entertainment with  Jenny Woodman in the bar
  • New Year’s Day  4pm-9pm

Captain Brien’s   239/389-6900

  • New Year’s Eve  11am-close
  • New Year’s Day  12 noon-’til close

Marco I-Net  239/970-0250

  • New Year’s Eve  7am-7pm
  • New Year’s Day  7am-7pm

Cocomo’s  239/394-3600

  • New Year’s Eve  11:30am-11pm
  • New Year’s Day  4-11pm

Old Marco Lodge  239/642-7227

  • New Year’s Eve  11:30am-close
  • New Year’s Day  11:30am-close

Hoot’s  239/394-4644 Marco Island 239/304-4644 Naples

  • New year’s Eve  7am-2pm
  • New Year’s Day  7am-2pm

Little Bar   239/394-5663

  • New Year’s Eve  11:30am Lunch
  • New Year’s Day  5pm Dinner

Zsa Zsa Deli  239/394-3354

  • New Year’s Eve  10am-5:30pm
  • New Year’s Day  Closed

Chef’s Express  239/393-2433

  • New Year’s Eve  7:30am-3pm
  • New Year’s Day 7:30am-3pm

Snook Inn  239/394-3313

  • New Year’s Eve  11am-10pm Late night menu/outside entertainment ’til 12:30am
  • New Year’s Day   Regular hours

Marco Brewery  239/970-0461

  • New Year’s Eve  11:30am-2am
  • New Year’s Day  11:30am-2am

Da Vinci’s  239/389-1888

  • New Year’s Eve  Regular hours Lunch & Dinner
  • New Year’s Day  4:30pm-10:30pm

Crazy Flamingo  239/642-9600

  • New Year’s Eve  11am-10pm
  • New Year’s Day  11am-1:30am

Erin’s Isle  774-1880

  • New Year’s Eve  11am-4pm  Early Irish Time New Year’s 4-7pm  Grand Finale 8pm-1am
  • New Year’s Day  Closed

NeNe’s Kitchen  239/394-3854

  • New Year’s Eve 7:30am-2pm
  • New Year’s Day  7:30am-2pm

Sale E Pepe  239/393-1600

  • New Year’s Eve  Dinner- 5 course Chef’s tasting menu
  • New Year’s Day  Brunch  Seating at 11am and 1pm

Cafe de Marco  239/394-6262

  • New Year’s Eve  4pm-whenever!
  • New Year’s Day  Brunch Seating at 11am and 1pm

Bistro Soleil  239/389-0981

  • New Year’s Eve  First Seating 5:30-6:30pm Second Seating 8:30-’til close (Dan Vass in the bar at 6pm)
  • New Year’s Day  5:30pm-close

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