Sunday, October 17, 2021

New Year resolutions from a few 5th graders at TBE

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the past and assess what changes we want to make in the coming year, formulating our New Year’s resolutions. What about children? What sort of resolutions do they make? A few Fifth Graders at TBE shared their resolutions with Coastal Breeze News. It is interesting to note what concern is on a youngster’s mind. Some of these resolutions prove children really do listen to their parents! A few are unsigned.

I resolve to do better in school so I will get better grades. I need to do this because I know I can do better. I am going to focus more in class and study more. Logan

I resolve to help the Earth more. I need to do this because I care about the Earth. I can achieve this with my friends’ help. Lorrylyn

My resolution would be to make lots of money doing my work around the house. I need to work around the house and my mom pays me for it! I think I will make a lot of money after all the work I do.Stephanie

I resolve to raise more money for the homeless people without food. I need to do this because I feel bad for them and want to help out.

I resolve to get my back handspring perfected by February. I need to do this because then my family and my coach will be proud of me. I think I will reach my goal. It is probably a 90% chance that I will reach my goal. Caitlan

I resolve to do better on my Spelling test. I have to do this because I want my grades to be better. If I study a lot more I might reach my goal. Logan

I resolve to do better in Science. I need to do this because I think Science is important and I want to get better at it. I think I will ask for more help and study every night. Cesiah

I resolve to clean up the Earth more often. I want to do this because the Earth is getting dirtier every day. I will be successful. Daniel

I resolve to stop cracking my knuckles. I need to do this because I don’t want to end up with finger pain or misplaced finger bones. I have about a 50-50 chance to stop doing this because it is addicting and sometimes I do it because I am nervous. Alessio

I resolve to start working harder in school. I need to do this because I want to get better grades in school. It’s easy to do because I just need to work harder and study harder. Christopher

I resolve to do better in Math. I have to do this because I don’t have the greatest grades in math and I would like to do better. I will listen better and follow directions more closely. I believe that I will do a lot better because I am trying to reach my goal: to get an ‘A’ in math. Hailey

My resolution for 2011 will be to work hard in school and get straight A’s and good scores on tests. If I get good grades in school it’s good because you can get into a good college and get a good job when you get older. I predict that I will try hard and get A’s and sometimes B’s in everything I do. Sam

I resolve to go to bed earlier every night so that I will be on time for school. Sleeping earlier is good because then I won’t be tired all day and I can get more stuff done. I predict that if I go to bed by 9:00 p.m. I will wake up at 6 a.m. more prepared for school. Sophia

My resolution for 2011 would be to go biking around my neighborhood every day. Biking is good for your heart and it keeps you fit. I predict that I will go biking every other day. Savannah

My resolution for 2011 would have to be I resolve to ride my bike one hour a day. I love riding my bike because I think it is fun. I think that I will probably skip a day here and there, though. Kyle

My resolution for 2011 would have to be: I will go outside for 45 minutes and play soccer and run. Going outside keeps you healthy and builds up muscle. It makes your heart muscle stronger, too. I’m pretty sure that I will be able to remember to go out and play for 45 minutes every day. Sam

My resolution for 2011 is: I want to practice more for soccer to get scholarships to help pay for my college education. Playing soccer is good for your health and you can get money and become famous. My prediction is that I will continue to play soccer and have fun. Santiago

I resolve to help the hungry because so many people are sad, thirsty and hungry. I spend my free time playing “Free Rice.” They donate rice each time I play. Luis

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