Monday, November 29, 2021

New Year, New You



By Samantha Husted 

As many Americans will attest, 2016 was a strange year. Sure, there were some good times. Remember when Leo finally won his Oscar? Or when the Cubs broke their 100-year curse and won the World Series? Or when Simone Biles dominated gymnastics at the Rio Olympics? But there were also some bad times. Lots of them. Whole busloads of bad. Between our divisive, seemingly endless election and the onslaught of celebrity deaths, the most recent being Carrie Fisher best known for her role as Princess Leia in “Star Wars,” many citizens felt that 2016 could not end soon enough. But now it has and here we are. Welcome, 2017.

The start of the New Year should act as a sort of tabula rasa or a clean slate. It’s a time for change. Setting a New Years resolution can help propel that change into existence. Creating a resolution is easy. Actually attaining it? Not so much. The best way to reach a goal is to make it specific. Instead of having a resolution to lose weight, why not have a resolution to cut red meat out of your diet? Or visit the gym three times a week? If your goal is to eat better, try introducing a salad into your everyday diet.

If your goal is to be more social or to make new friends why not join a club? Marco Island and Naples has a plethora of clubs for every day of the week that reach any and every interest. Check out our calendar page at the back of the paper and see if anything tickles your fancy.

While it’s good to be specific, abstract resolutions aren’t all around bad either. Besides a resolution to maintain your diet or find a mate, or to finally take that trip to Spain, why not also try to be kinder and perhaps even a little more empathic to your fellow person? As we enter into 2017 a country divided, those are things that we will need most in order to succeed in the years to come.

Here are a few resolutions from people around the community.

         Carlos Ramos, 22, Pre-med, Naples, FL                                  Christy Pagoni, 26, choreographer/
                              dance instructor, Naples, FL
        Jennifer Anne, 35, food service, Naples, FL                                  Jesus Calo, 25, Freelancer, Naples, FL

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