Wednesday, January 19, 2022

New Proposal For Assisted Living Facility on Marco

Units will be provided for seniors who are more independent in their living needs for themselves and their spouses, but may on occasion need access to supportive services.

Over the last several months, Marco residents have been transfixed on the debate over whether an appropriate plan could be put together to allow a suitable strategy for constructing an assisted living facility on the island.

Initially, the Marco Island Planning Board had voted no on a project that would have been constructed on South Barfield Drive, and sent their objections along to the city council. The developer had desired to place 81 units on a one and one-third acre parcel at the intersection of South Barfield and Hawaii Court, the combination of two vacant lots and the former Sanitasole Adult Day Care facility.

Council would override the planning board and approve the plans, but only after approving the plans as a “Conditional Use.” However, council ran afoul of the public notice requirement, and the hearing would need to be advertised in a different manner. At the next council meeting it would be Councilor Larry Honig who admitted they may have moved in haste and needed to have the issue remanded back to the planning board for an expedited review, in order to provide council with a path forward to approve the developer’s plans. Honig’s motion failed and the issue has yet to be re-advertised or brought back to council while staff continues its review.

The Marco Island Planning Board will now hear from Chancey Design Partnership of Tampa, Florida, whose representatives will make a presentation on the proposed Watermark at Marco Island Assisted Living Facility. Earlier in the summer, the group, represented by Attorney Craig Woodward, had initially tested the waters on Marco concerning a facility. Chancey Design Partnership has no involvement with the project that was proposed on South Barfield Drive, and is a separate entity.

At that time the group looked at seeking certain variance and zoning changes for the property owned by Naples Community Hospital at the intersection of Bald Eagle Drive and San Marco Road. Having realized that path forward might be more cumbersome than they desired, they instead regrouped and made changes, deciding to pursue their initial plans via a planned unit development (PUD) proposal.

The facility will be located on five of the 12 acres and the proceeds paid to NCH for the land will be dedicated to building a 12,000 square foot state-of-the art Urgent Care Facility.

The facility being proposed will house 206 units which will offer three levels of service. Units will be provided for seniors who are more independent in their living needs for themselves and their spouses, but may on occasion need access to supportive services. Accommodations will also be available for those who may require more assistance with daily life needs, such as dressing, bathing and medications. Lastly there will be a level of more intensive care as relates to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, which require a more demanding level of service.

The developers and their representatives will be on hand at the presentation to answer questions regarding plans for emergency evacuations, should same be necessary, as well as anticipated requirements for services and other operational necessities.

The Marco Island Planning Board will hear from the developers and interested citizens on Friday, November 2 in City Council Chambers beginning at 9 AM.

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