Monday, December 6, 2021

New Promotion Announced Within Marco P.D.


The Marco Island Police Department filled another supervisory position earlier this month when they promoted Detective Mark Huffor to the rank of Sergeant to fill an open position within the patrol division of the department. 

Submitted Photo | Mark Huffor.

Huffor grew up in Fort Myers, FL, but moved out to California at a young age. He was an individual who saw law enforcement as a calling, after being taken under the wings of a few local law enforcement professionals in California at the age of 18. He has served in all levels of the criminal justice system, from corrections, to code enforcement, as a deputy sheriff, a gang investigator, school resource officer, in the civil process division of a local sheriffs’ office, and as a Public Safety Officer when Marco Island first incorporated and attempted to merge Fire & EMS in with law enforcement. 

He remains one of the five Public Safety Officers who were initially hired by the city. Others were Captain David Baer, Sergeant Hector Diaz, Officer Paul Keyes and Officer Jason Nachtrab. A sixth, Sergeant Brian Hood, retired in December of 2020. 

In the early Nineties, Huffor brought his wife from California east to show her where he had grown up, and by 1995, he was working for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. 

In 2001, he left the Marco Police Department, but stayed on as a “Reserve Officer” to maintain his law enforcement certification, while he and his wife opened their own successful real estate company until he returned fulltime to his calling in law enforcement. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever worked in any segment of law enforcement I didn’t like,” said Huffor during an interview. “I think I’ve found all of the different aspects of our job provides individual officers a great opportunity to make a positive contribution to the community. 

Huffor had been working in the Investigations Bureau of the department until his promotion. He had been one of the finalists for the recent Patrol Lieutenant’s position. 

Huffor has an Associates Degree in the Administration of Justice and a Bachelor’s degree in Multi-Disciplinary Sciences, as well as an MS in Practical Ministry.  



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