Thursday, January 27, 2022

New priest at San Marco

Father Gordon Zeneti. Photo by Joe Giannone

Father Gordon Zeneti. Photo by Joe Giannone

Father Gordon Zeneti is a bright new addition to the San Marco Catholic Church’s already spectacular parish. Father Gordon was recently added to the roster as of August 2, and plans on doing many new things for the church. His aim is to bring a much needed youthfulness to the parish, since he is in fact a young man himself.

Father Gordon’s goals include reviving the Squires and Alter Server groups at the parish and revitalizing the other youth groups that are a part of the church. He believes that, since the youth is the future of the church, it is important that young people participate in these groups in order to experience the church and to learn the catholic faith.

Father Gordon is also looking forward to interacting with other faith denominations on Marco Island. He feels that it is important to interact with these other faiths so that they can work together to raise money for charities, and live in a prosperous community of faith. He is also going to try to have the younger Christians interact more with the older Christians because he feels it is important to see everybody getting along and making an effort to practice their beliefs together as a family of faith.

Born on October 13, 1968, in Pine Bush, a small town northwest of New York City, located near the Catskills region of New York, Father Gordon Zeneti comes from a family of seven children, with two sisters and four other brothers, all still living in New York. Father Gordon went to public school from Kindergarten through twelfth grade in New York. In high school, he played numerous sports like golf and baseball, and enjoyed the luxuries of his high school experience by joining many clubs and being a part of his student government.

After high school, Gordon moved to Ana Maria Island, Florida, in Manatee County, close to Tampa, with his parents who retired at that time. He attended St. Leo College in St. Leo, Florida, and majored in Human Resource Management and Economics. After college, Father Gordon went into the Navy, and spent his years from 1991 to 1999 in active duty, with the P30 Ryan’s Anti-Submarine Warfare. During his years in the Navy, he traveled all around the world and, during his active duty, found the calling to work in the Lord’s service. He is still enlisted as a reserve in the Navy. He is also an active member in the Knights of Columbus.

Father Gordon attended St. Vincent Dipoles Regional Seminary School in Boynton Beach, Florida for his Theological and Seminary Studies. He was ordained a priest in October of 2006. Father Gordon was assigned to the Marco Island parish on August 2, and moved here shortly after. He was a priest in Bradenton, before moving to Marco Island.

Father Gordon explained to me his love for Marco Island, and how much he appreciates the kindness and generosity that he has received from this island community. He expressed his gratitude towards all the people of the San Marco Catholic Church and Marco Island that have been helpful in acclimating him into our small island community. He also said he cannot wait to start meeting more people and enjoying his years to come.

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