Wednesday, October 27, 2021

New Police Captain Promotion Announced

Officer Rich Stoltenborg (center) was recently promoted to Captain.

When you sit down with newly promoted Captain Rich Stoltenborg to discuss his background and experience in law enforcement, you can’t help to draw the similarities to that of Marco Island Police Chief Al Schettino.  Stoltenborg is quick to point out, however, the fact that his longtime friend and law enforcement counterpart is a couple of years “older” than he is.

Both Schettino and Stoltenborg were fellow officers in the Ridgefield, New Jersey Police Department.  Schettino rose to the rank of Deputy Chief in that department prior to his retirement. Stoltenborg would also serve in various capacities within the Ridgefield Police Department, and eventually took the top job in that agency after the former chief retired.

Captain Stoltenborg was promoted to his new rank earlier this month to replace Captain Nick Ojanovak who left the Marco Island Police Department after being recruited to take a position with the Savannah/Chatham County Police Department, an agency of 150 uniformed and civilian personnel.

“This was a great professional opportunity for Nick and he will be sorely missed. Having said that, we are very fortunate to have a professional such as Captain Stoltenborg within our ranks that can step into this important position that is so essential to the performance of the department and the service we provide to our citizens,” said Chief Schettino.

Stoltenborg began his career in law enforcement in 1981 when he entered the New Jersey Law Enforcement Academy and joined the Ridgefield Police Department.  Schettino and he both served in that department prior to their retirements and moving to Florida.

Photos by Steve Stefanides | Captain Rich Stoltenborg is also the founder of the Marco Island Boxing Club.

The newly promoted Captain originally came to the Marco Island Police Department in 2010, and stayed initially for two years before leaving.  He was recruited to come back to the department after Schettino was chosen to head the agency following the departure of former Chief Don Hunter.

“My knowledge of the credentials that Captain Stoltenborg brings with him, with almost 38 years experience in law enforcement, provides me with the confidence in his abilities and the integrity he brings to the job and the community he continues to serve with distinction,” said Schettino.

Stoltenborg has headed the Investigative Bureau since his return. He will oversee both the Patrol and the Investigative Bureaus of the department as part of his new responsibilities.

He and his wife Jane have three children between them, and two grandkids living in Florida.  Both their mothers also live within the state.

Stoltenborg has also been very active in the creation and running of the Marco Island Boxing Club.  That endeavor was begun to enhance the future of youth here on the island by introducing them to the art of Olympic style boxing, something Stoltenborg was deeply involved with in New Jersey when he and Ed Leahy co-founded the Dover Boxing Club.

“We wanted to do something to provide for a structured way for youth to exercise, while developing character, confidence and discipline,” said Stoltenborg.  Many of those youngsters will now have the opportunity to compete throughout the area, the state and within the U.S.  There may also be opportunities to travel internationally.

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